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   Getting your roof maintained is the similar to getting your oil changed on your car or a check up with a doctor. However, a roof is worth ten of thousands of dollars and is one of the main components of your home. Luckily, after a quick inspection and a professional evaluation, it will only hundreds to save you thousands down the road.

   Sadly, the leaks happen before we can do a preventative maintenance. We put ourselves in your shoes; which is why we are always very prompt to answer any leak emergencies. With clear communication and effective repair methods, we strive to keep your home/business clean and dry.

Here are several logical reasons to get inspected for a maintenance/repair.


                Before                                                After


3-5 Years Since Last Maintenance 

New Mexico has some of the clearest and prettiest skies out there, but that comes with a drawback, the sun. The sun here sure does its job, because for around 365 days the sun is beating down on your roof. After a few years in the sun, anything will start to deteriorate. 


Got leak?

We have redone too many parts of roofs, sometimes whole roofs, due to a leak that was left alone. Even though it may just be some drops coming through the ceiling, a lot more could be happening that is not visible to the eye. At least get it checked out!


Cracked pipes/parapets

Having cracks on your roof means it's time for a little patch up. Even though the water might not be damaging the inside of your house, it could very well be deteriorating your roof's life right under your nose. A simple preventative maintenance will fix this problem. 

Red Tile Roof

All it takes is one call to save yourself thousands of dollars down the road.

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