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The Star Way

What We Do

   On paper, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor that has been doing reputable and reliable work for over 10 years.

   From residential, commercial, or industrial, here at ABQ Star Roofing we take each and every project with care. It is our job to provide with the most logical options, and our responsibility to create a long-lasting roof system.

   However, in person, we strive and look forward to making valuable, long-term connections through our dedication of quality whether that's roofing material or communication of project expectations. Let us keep you and your home safe and dry!

Climbing a Ladder

Our process

How We Do It

   With professional crews, responsible foremen, and diligent project managers, there is no roof we can't do. Coupled with clear communication, the roofing process has never been easier. ABQ Star Roofing takes each step in the project with confidence in our work and cohesion with the clients expectations.

   Salvador, our owner, has made valuable connections with suppliers to ensure the best quality and prices. As our crews get the work done right, there will be an open line of communication for client information and expectations. While we trust in our work, we understand better than anybody that you cannot plan the weather; which is why it is crucial that we warranty our roofs for your future.

Our Passion

Why We Do It

   Why does anybody do anything? Well, it's pretty simple for us to answer that question when we live and breathe Albuquerque. We love taking care of our community with the service we do best, ROOFING. Our owner Salvador is a renaissance man with skills such as shoe maker, crane operator, roof contractor, and so much more. There is one thing that he has held on to throughout those fields, quality work. 



Fun Fact: Salvador has made boots from over 13 different animal skins. In addition, he still repairs some boots from time to time.

Fun Fact:  Sal is originally from one of the largest cities in the world Mexico City!

   Being born and raised in Mexico City, Salvador learned at a young age to work hard and be fair. "Sal" didn't waste anytime to get to work and learn valuable skills. He has dabbled in being a taxi driver, to a boot-maker, crane operator, and the list goes on. 

   Before he started ABQ Star Roofing, Sal got expert and professional experience in roofing while he worked for many roofing companies prior. After being in the roofing industry for well over 40 years, Sal has devoted his skill and expertise to helping clients for any of their roofing needs.

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the Team

Gio Delgado - Ceo 

(505) 227-4277

Santiago Henry - associate  

(505) 903-4950

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